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A Substantive Policy Statement (SPS) is a "written expression" that explains the agency's "current approach to, or opinion of," a constitutional, statutory, or regulatory requirement or a judicial or administrative decision, or the agency's practices and procedures regarding such a requirement or decision. A.R.S. § 41-1001 (20)
  • An SPS is advisory only

  • An SPS does not include documents which only affect the internal procedures of the agency and does not impose additional requirements for already adopted rules, restrictions on confidential information, or additional requirements or penalties on regulated parties.

1. Policy For Notification Of Affected Parties.
Describes when the agency provides notices to complainants, physicians, the Board, and the Office of the State Attorney General.
2. Policy On Physicians Who Are Registered To Dispense As To Who Should Be Inspected.
Guidelines for handling dispensing physicians with prior Board Actions
3. Policy Prohibiting A Physician From Practicing Medicine Using Name(s) Other Than The Name In Which The License Was Issued.
Policy prohibiting a physician from practicing medicine using name(s) other than the name in which the license was issued.
4. Approved Hospital Internship, Residency or Clinical Fellowship Programs.
Policy on approved programs other than those already specified.
5. Residency Permits.
Policy on residency permits where document omissions are an administrative error.
6. Public Disclosure Policy.
Guidelines for providing fair, lawful and easily understood access points for the public when the agency is contacted for licensing or disciplinary information.
7. Pain Management Guidelines.
Guideline encourages effective pain management in Arizona, so that physicians reach a level of comfort about appropriate prescribing.
8. Guidelines for the Effective Date of Board Orders.
Guidelines for determining the effective date of Board Orders, Interim Orders and Consent Agreements. 


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