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The history of Arizona's physicians is rich in mystery, controversy, innovation and pride. Since the settlers first inhabited the territory, physicians have been a part of Arizona's legacy. They helped shape the culture of this Great State and set the standard for the quality of care delivered to its citizens. The Physicians of Interest page on this website highlights the historical work of Arizona's physicians and the roles they played while shaping the State's future. The biography of a new physician will be added each month and in time, the page will represent a patchwork of the names and faces that brought medicine in Arizona to life.

Daniel T. Cloud, M.D.

Born in 1925 in the small town of Olathe, Kansas, Daniel T. Cloud, M.D. rose to a level of professional prominence that gained the admiration of many of his colleagues. However, it was a difficult start as Dr. Cloud, like many of his contemporaries, first served his country during WWII before entering medical school. It was also during his service in the United States Navy, between 1942 and 1945, that Dr. Cloud completed pre-medical school and earned a Victory Medal.

Upon his discharge from the service, Dr. Cloud enrolled in the University of Illinois Medical School and graduated in 1948. He completed an internship at the University of Illinois Research and Educational Hospital and then moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1955 to become Arizona's first pediatric surgeon.

His started a private pediatric surgery practice in 1955 and later earned positions as the Chief of Surgery at the Arizona Crippled Children's Hospital and Chief of Staff at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Dr. Cloud also involved himself in many professional organizations, such as the Maricopa County Medical Society, the Arizona Medical Association and the American Medical Association. After serving in numerous elected positions within the American Medical Association, Dr. Cloud was elected to serve as its President from 1981 to1982.

Dr. Cloud has retired from the practice of medicine, but he still holds an active license and participates in community-health related projects. In 1999 Dr. Cloud chaired the Arizona Partnership for Infant Immunization, an organization created to achieve a 90% immunization rate in 2-year olds by 2000.

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