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A Message from the Arizona Medical Board

The next meeting of the Arizona Medical Board will be on Wednesday, June 4th, and Thursday, June 5th, 2008 in the Board's meeting room at 9535 East Doubletree Ranch Road in Scottsdale.  The Board will convene at 9:30am on April 2nd and at 8:00am on April 3rd.

The agenda for each meeting is posted on this web site. To locate an agenda, hover your cursor over "Media Center" in the menu on the left side of this page and then click on "Agendas & Minutes". Several days after each meeting, the draft minutes are posted in the same location.

NEW - Health Alert – The outbreak of measles in Pima County is ongoing. There are currently 9 confirmed cases. The Pima County Health Department and the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) urges providers to consider measles in the differential diagnosis of ANY patient with a fever and a rash in Pima County or with exposure to someone from Pima County. ADHS recommends that all health care providers in Pima County have documented evidence of immunity to measles. Click here for more information. (3/27/08)

NEW – Health Alert - The Arizona Department of Health Services has received increasing reports of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in the state.  Providers who administer RSV antibody to high-risk infants may wish to incorporate this information into their treatment plans.

NEW – Health Alert - The Arizona Deparment of Health Services reminds providers to continue vaccinating patients, including eligible children against influenza throughout the flu season that typically peaks in January or February.  For a list of influenza clinics, go to  
NEW– Health Alert - The Drug Enforcement Administration has issued a tablet advisory alerting the public to the voluntary restriction of 40 mg methadone dispersible tablets to only opioid treatment facilities and hospitals. (12/12/2007)

NEW – Latest issue of Primum – Newsletter of the Arizona Medical Board and the PA Board.

NEW – Office Based Surgery Rules effective January 8, 2008.  The official version of the rules will be posted on the Arizona Secretary of State’s Web site in the near future.
NEW – Scope of Practice Guidelines to assist physicians.
NEW – Frequently Asked Questions about the Guidelines for Treatment of Chronic Pain.
NEW – Arizona Medical Board Guide and Checklist for choosing a cosmetic surgeon.
NEW - Guidelines for Physician Supervision of Physician Assistants
NEW What Every Physician Needs to Know About Consent, Guidelines for Physicians Who Use CAM, and Reporting Suspected Child Abuse.
NEW – What physicians need to know about the new prescription monitoring program.
NEW – Should physicians invest in cryptocurrency? If so, how can they start their investment with the right platform? Discover a lot more about cryptocurrency from the Bitcoin Bank Breaker trading platform that helps you engage in crypto trading securely.
HEALTH ALERT – CDC has noted an increase in the reporting of false positive test results for acute hepatitis A virus.  Healthcare providers should limit the use of IgM anti-HAV testing to persons with evidence of clinical hepatitis or to those who have had recent exposure to an HAV-infected person.  The published guidelines for the workup of abnormal liver enzyme tests among asymptomatic patients do not include IgM anti-HAV testing.  More information is available by clicking here.



4/3/2008: Medical Board Places Restriction on License of Kingman Physician

4/3/2008: Medical Board Accepts the Surrender of Licenses from 2 Physicians

4/1/2008: Tamper-Resistant Prescription Pads Not Required for Arizona Medicaid Patients

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