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Agency officials communicate daily with members of the media in order to provide the public with the most accurate and useful health information possible. At times, because of the high volume of inquiries, the agency will issue a mass release of important news concerning the Arizona Medical Board (AMB) or the Arizona Regulatory Board of Physician Assistants.

Filing A Complaint Just Got Easier
December 19, 2003

Two Arizona Physicians Appointed to Arizona Medical Board
December 10, 2003

Medical Board Website Features Increased Search Capabilities
October 23, 2003

2004 Legislative Package Stakeholder Meeting
October 20, 2003

Doug N. Cerf Honored by Medical Board
October 15, 2003

Executive Director Inducted Into Duke Hall of Fame
October 14, 2003

Arizona Medical Board Launches Redesigned Website
July 23, 2003

Health Care Agencies Combine Practitioner Data
May 15, 2003

Efficiency Implementation Already Underway in One State Agency
May 1, 2003

Arizona Medical Board Releases Newsletter
March 3, 2003

AMB adds Services at NO Extra Cost
February 28, 2003

Medical Board Director Designates New Chief Medical Consultant
January 30, 2003