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Browser Support

This site was designed to work with the majority of the web browsers that have been released to the marketplace in the last three years. This site uses Javascript for the navigation menus and some pop-up boxes for regulatory information and the glossary of terms. Security add-ons to browers which restrict pop-up windows may reduce the functionality of this site. In most cases, there is an alternative path to the same information. This site has been tested with Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Opera browsers.


Throughout our site, you will find that selecting Home will always return you to the main Home page. The Home link is alway on the upper left section of your screen. From pages deeper into the website, home as well as the navigational path are displayed as an electronic bread crumb trail which will allow you to back up through the site.

Content navigation through the site can be performed via several menus. At the bottom of each screen is a footer menu which will contain links covering the policies and help systems of the site. The header menu located at the top of each page allows you to quickly access the most popular information contained on the website. Finally detailed navigational menus are provied on the left-hand side of each screen.

Additionally you can return to the page you previously visited by pressing your browser's Back Button.

Doctor Query

The Doctor Query box at the top of the header menu provides a quick means to locate information regarding a licensee of the Arizona Medical Board. In this field you may type in the following information:

  • The license number of a licensee
  • The last name of a licensee
  • The first and last name of a licensee

    Suffixes and the use of middle names are not supported in the quick query. More advanced search capabilities can be used via the Doctor Query in the left-hand menus.

Electronic Documents

This site uses Adobe Acrobat to deliver electronic versions of the Board's agendas, minutes and actions. Adobe offers a free reader from its website that allows you to view these PDF documents. On the pages that may contain PDF files, a link to the free reader will usually be provided.

The Arizona Medical Board uses Adobe Acrobat for the distribution of electronic versions of its documents. You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view these files.

If you cannot run the Adobe Reader on your computer, physical copies of the document may be obtained for a fee by making a request for public information.

Further Assistance

If you are having problems with this website or want to provide comments, please use the Contact AMB link at the top of this page.