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What is the Monitored Aftercare Program (MAP)?

MAP is an Arizona Medical Board sponsored program, operated by an outside contracted medical group to monitor the recovery of allopathic physicians and physician assistants who suffer from substance dependency, substance abuse, and/or co-existing mental health problems that may effect their ability to safely practice medicine

MAP Mission Statement

MAP ensures the protection of the public health and safety through education, intervention, post-treatment monitoring and support and relapse prevention for allopathic physicians and physician assistants impaired by alcohol and/or drug abuse. This program is authorized by A.R.S. 32-1452.

Program Confidentiality

An allopathic physician’s and physician assistant’s participation in MAP may be confidential if there are no related criminal charges, no adverse patient consequences, or statutory violations.

Allopathic physicians and physician assistants who have criminal charges or related statutory violations or were former MAP participants who have relapsed are not eligible for confidential participation and participate in MAP under a probationary order.

Who may participate?

Licensed allopathic physicians and physician assistants:
Any Arizona licensed allopathic physician or physician assistant may participate in MAP following successful completion of an approved course of treatment. (The minimal Board approved course of treatment is 28 days of inpatient chemical dependency treatment at an approved treatment facility.)

Unlicensed allopathic physicians and physician assistants or physicians and physician assistants holding an inactive Arizona license:
Allopathic physicians and physician assistants who do not have an Arizona license or whose Arizona license is inactive do not qualify to participate in MAP and may participate in any confidential private program that allows for documentation of continuous sobriety and compliance to assist in the Arizona licensure process.

Safeguarding the public

Protection of public safety is of paramount importance. Any allopathic physician or physician assistant who is determined to be unsafe to practice will be removed from practice though a Board order or voluntary inactivation until such time as they are again determined to be able to safely practice medicine

Who to contact
Greenberg & Sucher, P.C.
Medical Directors: David G. Greenberg, M.D. and Michel A. Sucher, M.D.
(480) 990-3111
[email protected]

Arizona Medical Board

Kathleen Muller
Program Coordinator
(480) 551-2716
[email protected]

Other Services

Contact our Monitored Aftercare Program Coordinators for contractors/Board-approved programs that offer additional services.