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Barbara J. Kane
Assistant Director,
Quality Control

Barbara J. Kane began her career with the Arizona Medical Board in June 2000 as a Senior Medical Investigator and was promoted to Assistant Director in 2003. Ms. Kane was the driving force behind the Board’s first ever Quality Assurance Division, an innovative program designed to enhance the Board’s responsiveness to the public and the quality of investigative procedures. Under her leadership, the Quality Assurance Division implemented a system to bring major case developments to the surface quickly and make supplemental confirming evidence available as a resource in the adjudicative process. As Assistant Director, Ms. Kane is responsible for implementing the Agency’s new workflow process, training and development of sound investigative techniques, and coordinating the Staff Investigational Review Committee.

Prior to joining the Arizona Medical Board, Ms. Kane was a disability determinations manager and a medical malpractice investigator for over 20 years in New York State. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Hunter College in New York City and is a licensed New York State teacher and reading specialist, as well as a certified New York State Public Adjuster.