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DATE: 2/10/2006
New Chairman of the Arizona Medical Board

Scottsdale, Ariz. - The Arizona Medical Board elected new Officers for 2006 at its meeting on February 9th.

Robert P. Goldfarb, M.D., FACS was chosen to succeed Timothy B. Hunter, M.D., FACR, and William R. Martin III, M.D. was elected Vice-Chairman. Douglas D. Lee, M.D. will continue as Board Secretary.

Dr. Goldfarb is Board-certified in neurological surgery and practices in the Tucson area. Dr. Hunter had announced at the December meeting he would not seek re-election to the chairmanship. Dr. Martin is a Board-certified orthopedic surgeon whose practice is in Phoenix. And Dr. Lee is a Board-certified anesthesiologist from Flagstaff.

The Officers will serve in their posts at least until the February 2007 Board meeting when elections are held again.

The 12 Members of the Arizona Medical Board can serve up to two five-year terms and are appointed by the governor.