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DATE: 2/9/2006
Medical Board Dismisses Case Against Surgeon Who Implanted Stolen Pacemaker

Scottsdale, Ariz. - The Arizona Medical Board voted Thursday, February 9, to approve a staff recommendation to dismiss the case against Ashok Garg, M.D., of Phoenix. Dr. Garg came to the attention of the Board via an investigation into the sale of stolen pacemakers. The Board found Dr. Garg was unaware the pacemaker was stolen and determined there were no issues with the care Dr. Garg provided his patient. This was one of nine cases the Board dismissed during its two-day meeting.

Board Members had earlier voted to accept Administrative Law Judges‘ recommendations to revoke the licenses of John C. Woods, M.D., and Tammy L. Tadom, M.D. The Board accepted Consent Agreements from Scott R. Werner, M.D., and Gary L. Lowery, M.D., surrendering their licenses.

The Medical Board accepted four Consent Agreements � one for a Decree of Censure and three for Letters of Reprimand. The Board voted to issue a Decree of Censure to Ronald S. Sherer, M.D., and place him on 15 years probation. During that probationary period, he would be restricted from practicing obstetrics.

The Board voted to issue four Letters of Reprimand. Eleven physicians will receive non-disciplinary Advisory Letters. And three cases were referred to Board Staff for further investigation or for future Board meetings.

The two-day session was the final Board meeting for Ronnie Cox, Ph.D., one of four public members of the Arizona Medical Board. Board Chair Timothy B. Hunter, M.D., presented Dr. Cox with a plaque of appreciation for his service. Dr. Cox complimented his fellow Board Members and Board Staff, saying they are “smart, compassionate and committed” and that the public health and safety of citizens was in good hands.