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DATE: 8/12/2005
Arizona Medical Board Considers 67 Cases During August Board Meeting

Scottsdale, Ariz. - The Arizona Medical Board ordered staff to draw up Decrees of Censure for two physicians and Letters of Reprimand for three others after formal interviews with each doctor during its meeting in Scottsdale August 10th and 11th. The Board determined all five were guilty of unprofessional conduct.

The Board voted to accept an Administrative Law Judge‘s recommended decision revoking the license of Dr. Kenley Remen, then stayed the revocation and suspended his license for one year. Subject to appeal, once the order is in effect Dr. Remen must comply with probationary terms within that year or the stay will be lifted.

In other action, the Board accepted consent agreements with three physicians that included discipline. Robert McCrea, M.D., a Board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist who has moved to Dallas, agreed to a Decree of Censure. He failed to examine a 29-year-old pregnant woman suffering from hypertension until two hours after nurses called him and he ordered her admission to the hospital. Doctors delivered the woman‘s baby by Cesarian section. Louis Miller, M.D., a Yuma plastic surgeon, accepted a Letter of Reprimand in his consent agreement with the Board for failing to provide medical records to a patient in a timely manner after receiving an appropriate request. And Dan S. Mallada, M.D., signed a consent agreement for probation that mirrors a disciplinary action by the Medical Board of California. The legal documents in each case are available on this web site, either in the physician's profile or under "Media Center" and "Recent Actions."

The 12-member Board approved the issuance of 18 non-disciplinary Advisory Letters and dismissed 22 other cases.

In all, the Arizona Medical Board considered 67 cases involving 65 physicians during the two-day meeting.