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DATE: 4/3/2008
Medical Board Accepts the Surrender of Licenses from 2 Physicians

Scottsdale, Ariz. - Meeting in Scottsdale today, the Arizona Medical Board accepted proposed Consent Agreements with Stephen E. Flynn, M.D., of Phoenix who is Board-certified in General Surgery, and with Ole G. Torjusen, M.D., a Board-certified OB-GYN.

The Board had summarily suspended Dr. Flynn‘s medical license in 2006 for failure to maintain adequate patient records, failure to maintain sanitary conditions and as a result of a PACE evaluation of clinical knowledge and skills. Dr. Flynn had held an Arizona medical license for 48 years.

The Board had referred Dr. Torjusen to Formal Hearing at the Office of Administrative Hearings for complaints filed against him in 2005 and 2006. He subsequently relocated to Norway where he has been living ever since. He agreed to surrender his license to resolve the cases.

During an emergency Summary Action Meeting that began on Tuesday, the Board agreed to enter into an Interim Consent Agreement with Ilangovan Govindarajan, M.D., of Kingman. Dr. Govindarajan will have a licensed female healthcare professional chaperone all female patient visits. He also agreed to undergo a psychosexual evaluation at his expense in the next 30 days.

Over the span of its scheduled two-day meeting, the Medical Board ordered one Decree of Censure and one Letter of Reprimand in separate cases. It upheld the Executive Director‘s referral of two cases to Formal Hearing at the Office of Administrative Hearings, and it modified one Board order lifting a previous practice restriction. The Board also issued 29 non-disciplinary Advisory Letters, dismissed five cases, and upheld the Executive Director‘s dismissal of eight others.

The next meeting of the Arizona Medical Board will be June 4 and 5.