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DATE: 6/8/2007
Chief Medical Consultant to Leave Arizona Medical Board Post

Scottsdale, Ariz. - Dr. Mark Nanney calls the position of Chief Medical Consultant for the Arizona Medical Board “the best job I‘ve ever had.” His first day on the job was May 16, 2005, and for the past two years he has commuted to the agency‘s East Scottsdale headquarters on busy Interstate 10 from his home in Tucson. The Chairman of the Arizona Medical Board, William R. Martin, III, M.D., presented Dr. Nanney with a plaque of appreciation during the Board meeting on June 7.

Timothy C. Miller, Executive Director of the Arizona Medical Board, regrets losing Dr. Nanney. “Dr. Nanney‘s contribution to the Board‘s fulfillment of its duty cannot be overstated,” Mr. Miller emphasized. “His departure is a huge loss to this agency both personally and professionally. We wish him the best.”

Dr. Nanney began the physician stage of his career after graduating in 1981 from Rush University Medical College in Chicago and then completing a residency in Family Practice at the University of California-San Diego in 1984. He moved to Tucson in 1992, and a year later entered the University of Arizona Law School, where he received his law degree in 1996.

When Dr. Nanney joined the Medical Board staff, his goal was to provide a thorough, fair and timely review of the complaints filed against physicians, so that complainants and physicians received due process. “I feel we‘ve made tremendous advances in that,” he says.

Dr. Nanney believes the biggest accomplishment of his tenure at the Board was the completion of a large number of backlogged investigations while new complaints were being received and investigated. In May of 2005, the agency had collected more than a thousand unresolved cases, many of them older than 180 days. Today, as Dr. Nanney departs, the total number of open investigations is 300, and 94% of them are younger than 180 days. He explains, “It was a total agency effort to do that, and we reduced the caseload at the same time we improved the quality of the investigations.”

What will he miss about the “best job” he‘s ever had? “Every day I came in [to work], there was a new challenge, and it really kept me engaged,” Dr. Nanney says. “It required every piece of skill that I have and some I don‘t have.”