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DATE: 6/8/2007
Medical Board Accepts Surrenders of Three Licenses

Scottsdale, Ariz. - During its two-day meeting that ended June 7, the Medical Board accepted Consent Agreements in which three physicians surrendered their licenses. The three are: Mary E. Groves, M.D., board-certified in Family Practice, who formerly practiced in Chandler; Shelley Everly, M.D., of Flagstaff who is board-certified in psychiatry; and James Tillinghast, M.D., of Phoenix who is board-certified in anesthesiology. Dr. Groves violated a Board order in June 2006 and failed to distribute medical records to patients when she closed her practice. The Board had suspended her license at the time. Dr. Everly had refused to meet with Board Staff for an investigational interview concerning an allegation of a boundary violation with a minor patient. And Dr. Tillinghast surrendered his license before completion of an investigation into substance abuse.

The Board accepted a Consent Agreement for a Letter of Reprimand and a practice restriction for Malcolm Wilkinson, M.D., a board-certified surgeon in Cottonwood. Dr. Wilkinson may not practice general surgery for 15 years until he applies to the Board and receives permission to do so.

The Medical Board suspended the Arizona license of David Rath, M.D., who now practices in Delaware, Ohio, for a period of 12 months, or upon completion of a treatment program and the Board approves his return to the practice of medicine. Dr. Rath is board-certified in Internal Medicine.

In other cases, the Arizona Medical Board approved one Decree of Censure, 15 Letters of Reprimand, 29 non-disciplinary Advisory Letters � two of them with requirements to have additional Continuing Medical Education, and eight dismissals.

The Board also adopted the amended Office-Based Surgery Draft Rules which now proceed through the final rule approval process. A Board subcommittee has been working on these rules for physicians who perform surgical procedures involving sedation in their offices since 2005.