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DATE: 11/15/2006
Physician Assistant Board Suspends the Licenses of 2 Arizona PAs

Scottsdale, Ariz. - The Arizona Regulatory Board of Physician Assistants today summarily suspended the licenses of Franklin A. Trejos, P.A.-C, of Phoenix and Denise M. Stassen, P.C.-C, of Chandler for alleged violations of prescribing controlled medications.

In another case, the Board restricted the practice of Kevin D. Earlywine, P.A., of Lakeside. The restrictions require Earlywine‘s supervising physician to be physically onsite when the PA sees patients; he may not see patients younger than 18 or prescribe certain controlled medications; and the supervising physician must countersign the PA‘s patient notes on a daily basis.

The cases involving all three physician assistants will go to the Office of Administrative Hearings for formal hearing.

In other action, the PA Board formed a subcommittee to work on physician assistant supervision issues. The four members of the subcommittee are physician assistant member Michael Goodwin, P.A.-C, physician member James Meyer, M.D., public member Sigmund Popko, J.D., and physician member Peter Wagner, D.O.

The Board also approved the Draft Minor Surgery Rules for soliciting stakeholder input. And it okayed a Substantive Policy Statement regarding the deadline for submission of materials by physician assistants who have complaints against them. The cutoff deadline for submission of materials is three weeks before a PA Board meeting.