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  DATE: May 15, 2003
Arizona Citizens to benefit from single resource site

Scottsdale, Ariz. - - Finding a licensed healthcare practitioner in Arizona is easier than ever. “Docfinder” at, is the newly released website providing one-stop public access to important healthcare practitioner information. Unlike services offered by private companies, it is also free of charge. The site, developed by the Arizona Medical Board, contains licensee profiles for allopathic physicians (MDs), osteopathic physicians (DOs), dentists, optometrists, naturopathic physicians, and physician assistants.

“This is an example of 90/10 agencies working together to do what we were intended to do,” said Arizona Medical Board Executive Director Barry A. Cassidy, Ph.D., P.A.-C.

Arizona’s 90/10 agencies consist of professional licensing agencies that operate on a budget brought in solely through licensing fees. Unlike general funded agencies, the taxpayers do not support 90/10 agencies. In fact, 10% of all fees brought in by these agencies are directed to the State’s general fund.

“The autonomy given to professional licensing agencies like the Arizona Medical Board provides greater leeway to provide innovative services to the public,” said Cassidy. In fact, the website which contains data provided by the other state agencies has negligible developmental and maintenance costs. Agency officials estimate that using existing technology platforms, it took two days to develop the site and format practitioner data.

"The Osteopathic Board is pleased to be part of this collaborative effort between boards that regulate the health professionals in Arizona,” said Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners in Medicine and Surgery Executive Director Elaine Le Tarte. “With "Docfinder," knowing the name of your doctor is all you need to access information. "Docfinder" makes good on the promise of technology to make government transparent. It eliminates what had been the frustrating first step - having to find which board regulated your doctor - and delivers you right to the information you want."

In addition to the healthcare practitioners listed on, the site is also open to other healthcare professional licensing agencies that want to participate. “It’s as simple as providing us with your data,” said Cassidy. “We do the rest.”



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