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Title 32 - Professions and Occupations
Chapter 13 - Medicine & Surgery

Entries Highlighted in yellow are provisions from statutes outside of this chapter that interact with those in Chapter 13. To browse directly to any statute, click on the statute number. 

Article 1:

Board of Medical Examiners
32-1401 Definitions
32-1402 Allopathic board of medical examiners; appointment; qualifications; term; compensation; immunity
41-3002.21 Allopathic board of medical examiners: 
termination July, 1 2002
32-1403 Powers and duties of the board; compensation; immunity
32-1403.01 Licensees; profiles; required information; review; malpractice information
32-1404 Meetings; quorum; committees; rules
32-1405 Executive director; compensation; duties; appeal to the boar
32-1406 Board of medical examiners' fund
32-1407 Jurisdiction arbitration panel
35-143.01 Special funds; appropriation; reversion; use

Article 2:

32-1421 Exemption from licensing requirements
32-1422 Basic requirements for granting a license to practice medicine
32-1423 Additional requirements for students graduating from an unapproved allopathic school of medicine
32-1424 Fifth pathway program; licensure
32-1425 Licensure by examination
32-1425.01 Examination without licensure application; requirements
32-1426 Licensure by endorsement
32-1427 Application; hearing on deficiencies in application; interview
32-1428 Temporary license to practice medicine; duration of license
32-1429 Locum tenens and pro bono registration; application; term
32-1430 Active license; issuance; registration of license; renewal; expiration
32-3202 License or certificate suspension.
32-1431 Inactive license; application; practice prohibition
32-1432 Teaching license
32-1432.01 Education teaching permits
32-1432.02 Training permit, short-term permits; discipline
32-1432.03 Training permits; approved schools
32-1433 Cancellation of active license
32-1434 Continuing medical education
32-2842 Mammographic images: physicians; requirements
32-1435 Directory; change of address; costs; penalties
32-3801 Personal information maintained by professional boards; confidentiality
32-1436 Fees and penalty

Article 3:

32-1451 Grounds for disciplinary action; duty to report; immunity; proceedings; board action; notice requirements
32-1451.01 Right to examine and copy evidence; summoning witnesses and documents; taking testimony; right to counsel; court aid; process
32-1452 Substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation program; private contract; funding
32-1452.01 Reinstatement of revoked license
32-1453 Judicial review
32-1454 Injunction
32-1455 Violation; classification
32-3203 Malpractice claim investigation
32-1456 Medical assistants; use of title; violation; classification
32-1457 Aquired immune deficiency syndrome; disclosure of patient information; immunity; definition
32-1458 Reinstatement of revoked or surrendered license

Article 4:

Emergency Aid
32-1471 Health care provider and any other person; emergency aid; nonliability
32-1472 Limited liability for evergency health care at amateur athletic events
32-1473 Limited liability for treatment related to delivery of infants; physicians; hospitals; exception; definition

Article 5:

32-1481 Limitation of liability
32-1482 Reporting of hepatitis cases
32-1483 Notification to donors

Article 6:

Dispensing of Drugs and Devices
32-1491 Dispensing of drugs and devices; conditions; definition
32-1921 Exempted acts; exemption from registration fees; definition

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