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The Board's Authority:  The Arizona Medical Board (Board) regulates doctors of medicine (MD) under the Arizona Medical Practice Act. The Board does not want to discourage the filing of a valid complaint, however, as an administrative agency the Board's jurisdiction and authority are limited to violations of the Act.
Understanding the process... The 3-Stage Adjudication Process was developed to ensure thorough investigations, faster case resolution timeframes and opportunity for all parties involved to provide information to the Board.  It is important, when either filing a complaint or responding to a complaint, to make sure that all information about the case is made available to a member of the staff of the Board.

Helpful hints when preparing for your case...

In a few weeks, an assigned investigator will contact you about your case.  If there is any information regarding your case that the investigator does not already have, you should provide it at this time.  This is the information that the Board will use when determining the outcome of your case.  If the Board does not receive the information in time, it will not have an opportunity to review it prior to its meetings.

When will my case be heard?

Most cases will go through the first two stages of the process.  After Stage 2, some cases will be dismissed by the Executive Director and others will be forwarded to the Board for final resolution.


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