Summary Of Current Rules For

The Arizona Board of Medical Examiners

Rules are also available from the Secretary of State's Office or in reference libraries in the Arizona Administrative Code. Copies of Guidance Documents referenced here are available from:

The Arizona Board of Medical Examiners
9545 East Doubletree Ranch Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258
(480) 551-2700

Certified Rules

Chapter 16

Board of

Medical Examiners

Article 1. General Provisions


R4-16-101 Continuing medical education

R4-16-102 Rehearing or review of Board decision

R4-16-103 Licensure by endorsement

R4-16-104 Time frames for licensure, permit, or registration

R4-16-105 Time frames for license renewal

R4-16-106 Application for Licensure

R4-16-107 Application for Pro Bono Registration

Article 2.
Dispensing of Drugs

R4-16-201 Registration and renewal

R4-16-202 Packaging and inventory; exception

R4-16-203 Prescribing and dispensing requirements

R4-16-204 Recordkeeping and reporting shortages

R4-16-205 Inspections; denial and revocation

Article 3.
Medical Assistants

R4-16-301 Definitions

R4-16-302 Medical Assistant Training Requirements

R4-16-303 Authorized Procedures for Medical Assistants

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Originally Published Summer 1990, Revised June 2000.