Highlights from the November 14, 2001 Meeting of the Joint Board on the Regulation of Physician Assistants 

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 Board Composition

The Joint Board voted to propose legislation to reduce the size of the Joint Board from ten members to eight members, comprised of three physicians assistants, two allopathic physicians, one osteopathic physician, and two public members. P.A. Christensen requested that at least two of the three physicians supervise physician assistants at the time of the Board appointment. All members will continue to be appointed by the Governor, and be limited to two consecutive five-year terms.

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Legislative Update - Proposed Physician Assistant Prescribing Language


The Joint Board approved the following proposed statutory changes to Physician Assistant prescribing language. These changes grant an increase in the physician assistant's prescribing authority:

1. Certification and Education Requirement

  • 12. Certify Physician Assistants For Thirty Day Prescription Privileges For Schedule II Or III Controlled Substance Provided The Physician Assistant Has:
  • A. Within the preceding three years of application completed forty five hours in pharmacology or clinical management of drug therapy, or if at the time of application is certified by the national commission on the certification of physician assistants or its successor.
  • B. Met any other requirements established in rules adopted by the board.


  • C. Unless certified for thirty day prescription privileges pursuant to subsection 12 of section 32-2504, a physician assistant shall not prescribe a schedule II or III controlled substance for a period exceeding seventy-two hours.
  • D. A physician assistant shall not prescribe a schedule iv or v controlled substance more than 5 times in a 6 month period.

2. Oversight

  • 32-2534
    The certification of the physician assistant pursuant to 32-2504 (12.) If the supervising physician intends to delegate thirty-day prescription privileges of schedule ii or iii controlled substances.
  • D. A supervising physician shall develop a system approved by the board for recordation and review, pursuant to section 32-2531(d), of all instances that the physician assistant prescribes thirty-day prescriptions of schedule II and III controlled substances.




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Year 2002 Joint Board Calendar


The following are the dates for the year 2002 meetings and events:


         Regular Meetings

February 10, 2002

May 15, 2002

August 21,2002

November 6, 2002

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Next Joint Board Meeting

The next Full Board meeting will take place November 14, 2001 at the Board of Medical Examiners' Office:

9545 E. Doubletree Ranch Road Scottsdale, Arizona 85258-5539

To get there:
From the South- Take Interstate 101 to 90th St. & Shea exit. Head north to Via Linda
From the North East West- From the intersection of Shea and 90th St., head south on 90th St. to Via Linda.

Take Via Linda east to 95th St. Head south on 95th Street until you reach San Salvador Dr. Turn east on San Salvador Dr. then head south on 95th Way. 95th Way will run into Doubletree Ranch Rd. The office is the north blue building at 9545 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd.

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