Highlights from the May 10, 2000 Meeting of the Joint Board on the Regulation of Physician Assistants 

Welcome to the premiere issue of the Joint Board Highlights, a synopsis of events at each Joint Board Meeting

Summary of Joint Board Actions

During its May 10, 2000 meeting, the Board voted to issue:
        Uphold a revocation and deny a motion for re-hearing

Physician Assistant Renewal Process

A presentation of the new laminated physician assistant license cards was made to the Joint Board. There will be several changes to the renewal form including larger type size and an area to update supervising physician information.

Joint Board Membership
BOMEX requested that the Joint Board supply a list of allopathic physician candidates, preferably supervising physicians, to consider for selection to serve on the Joint Board.

Legislative Update

Staff presented an overview of the bills passed in the 2000 legislative session. HB 2145 contains several provisions that ensure a higher level of consumer protection. Specifically, HB 2145 increases public protection by:

- Strengthening the Board's authority to discipline licensees who prescribe medication without first conducting a physical examination and diagnosis or establishing a doctor-patient relationship.

- Establishing a standard for medical record retention.

- Adjusting Board membership to increase public member representation.

- Establishing a probationary license for new licensees.

- Allowing physicians who are licensed in other states and who provide limited care at no cost to the patient or the patient's family through a charitable organization to obtain a pro bono registration.

- Authorizing the Board to order physicians to participate in rehabilitative, retraining or assessment programs.

HB 2149 streamlines application, licensing, and public information fees. For the full text of HB 2145 or HB 2149, visit www.azleg.state.az.us

Year 2000 Joint Board Calendar
The following are the dates for the year 2000 meetings and events:

Regular Meetings
September 6, 2000
November 15, 2000
Next Joint Board Meeting

The next Full Board meeting will take place September 6, 2000, at the Board of Medical Examiners' Office:

9545 E. Doubletree Ranch Road Scottsdale, Arizona 85258-5539.

To get to the new office:

From the South - Take Loop 101 to 90th Street exit, east to Via Linda.

From the North East West - From the intersection of Shea and 90th St., head south on 90th St. to Via Linda.

Take Via Linda east to 95th St. Head south on 95th Street until you reach San Salvador Dr. Turn east on San Salvador Dr. then head south on 95th Way. 95th Way will run into Doubletree Ranch Rd.

The office is the north blue building at 9545 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd. An online map is also available.