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Highlights from the December 9, 1999 Meeting

Legislative Update: Taking the Board of Medical Examiners Forward

The Board voted on and approved final legislative language based on conceptual legislative ideas approved at its September 21 - 24 and November 17 - 19 Board meetings. This language has been forwarded to the Arizona Legislative Council where it will be turned into an Intro Set and ultimately introduced during the Year 2000 Legislative Session.

The statutory amendments will advance the Board's mission through improving unprofessional conduct reporting by healthcare providers, giving the Board new authority to deny applications if patient safety is compromised, preventing dangerous prescribing practices and instituting other enforcement improvements.

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Board Actions: A Summary

During its November 17-19 meeting, the Board voted to issue:

   One Cancellation with Cause;
   One Denial of License;
   One Letter of Reprimand
   two Probationary Orders; and
   one Referral to Formal Hearing.

The Board directed staff to prepare one order for disciplinary action.

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Year 2000 Meeting Dates

The following are the dates for the 2000 meetings:

   February 2 - 4 
   April 26 - 28* 
   June 21 - 23
   August 23 - 25
   October 25 - 27 
   December 13 - 15

*changed from April 12 - 14

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  Next Full Board Meeting

The next Full Board meeting will take place February 2 - 4, 2000, at the Board of Medical Examiners' Office: 1651 E. Morten Avenue, Suite 210, Phoenix, Arizona 85020.

Take 16th Street, one-half mile north of Glendale, immediately across from The Pointe Resort.

An online map is also available.

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