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Highlights from the November 17-19, 1999 Meeting

Joint Legislative Audit Committee Hearing
BOMEX received a favorable report at the November 10, 1999 JLAC meeting. The Auditor General reported the three areas in which BOMEX has improved significantly are: higher quality investigations and the implementation of uniform investigation procedures, installation of a monitoring program for disciplined doctors, and the elimination of Board member vacancies. The JLAC was supportive of hiring three new investigators to help reduce the backlog of investigations. The Legislative Committee meeting garnered praise for the Board and its staff for not only addressing Legislative concerns and for making significant progress toward complying with the audit findings, but also for exceeding expectations for improvement.
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Board Approves Medical Assistant Rules:
The Board reviewed and approved the final rules concerning medical assistants. The use of medical assistants has increased significantly in recent years resulting in a need to formulate rules regarding standardized training requirements. Formulating and finalizing the rules involved a full year of intensive work. The rules set forth training requirements and establish the parameters of accepted safe practice for medical assistants working under the direct supervision of an allopathic physician or physician assistant.
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Legislative Update:

Increase Public Board Membership:
The Board approved an addendum to the Year 2000 Legislative Agenda. The amendment changes the composition of the Board by removing the nurse representative and replacing the position with another public member.

Unprofessional Conduct Definition:
The statutory definition of unprofessional conduct includes the term "sexual intimacies" which can be construed as acts of sexual intercourse but is otherwise ambiguous as to what other conduct is prohibited. The Board directed staff to develop a rule clarifying this definition rather than include it in statute.

Failure to properly renew license:
The Board agreed to an addendum of charging a re-processing fee for deficient license renewal applications such as renewal forms requiring corrected information, lack of signatures or non-payment of fees.

Establish Authority for a Probationary License:
The Board approved exploring language regarding probationary licenses for the Year 2000 Legislative Agenda. This language would address applicants whose scope of practice would be restricted due to a physical or mental limitation. These would be non-disciplinary limitations on the licensee's practice.

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Board votes to Change April 2000
April Board Meeting rescheduled from 4/12/2000-4/14/2000 to 4/26/2000-4/28/2000.
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Board to Continue Mediation Program:
After completing a six-month trial period of mediation of non-quality of care cases with the Attorney General’s Mediation Unit, the Board voted to continue the Mediation Program. The Board requested that staff explore the possibility of utilizing private mediation.
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Reviewing the Formal Interview Process:
The Board adopted the Formal Interview Process Committee’s recommendations for processing complex cases. In order to better serve the complainant and the physician, the Board may now refer complex complaint investigations to the Office of Administrative Hearings. This process provides a more equitable forum for both parties to present their concerns, to cross-examine witnesses, to subpoena witnesses to appear, and to present evidence for consideration in those cases where such actions would greatly enhance the Board’s ability to reach an appropriate discipline.
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Pharmacy Association Scope of Practice:
The Board moved to support the Arizona Pharmacy Association’s Sunrise Application for Expanded Scope of Practice for Pharmacists. The expanded scope of practice will allow pharmacists to modify, initiate and monitor patients’ drug therapy under physician-approved guidelines and protocols.
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Board Actions: A Summary
During its November 17-19 meeting, the Board voted to issue:
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Year 2000 Meeting Dates
The following are the dates for the 2000 meetings:
   February 2 - 4 
   April 26 - 28* 
   June 21 - 23
   August 23 - 25
   October 25 - 27 
   December 13 - 15

*changed from April 12 - 14

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Next Full Board Meeting
The next Full Board meeting will take place December 9, 1999, at the Board of Dental Examiners' Offices: 5060 N. 19th Avenue, Suite 406, Phoenix, AZ 85015. 

Take I-17 to Camelback, East on Camelback to 19th Avenue, North on 19th Avenue.

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