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Highlights from the September 21 - 24, 1999 Meeting

Legislative Update: Taking The Board of Medical Examiners Forward
BOMEX has initiated a proactive approach to its legislative program by creating a legislative process that involves the active participation of all agency stakeholders.  In mid-June a legislative request form was sent to over two hundred interested parties, inviting them to participate in the development of a legislative agenda for the Board. 

The suggestions submitted for review will advance the Board's mission through improving unprofessional conduct reporting by healthcare providers, giving the Board new authority to deny applications if patient safety is compromised, preventing dangerous prescribing practices and instituting other enforcement improvements. 

The Board approved its conceptual legislative ideas on September 22, 1999.  Many of the ideas will find their way into bills during the year 2000 legislative session.

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Board Approves Adjustments to Several Fees
The Board approved the proposals for fee adjustments effective January 1, 2000. All BOMEX fees must be fixed below statutory maximums and most fees were left unchanged. Those fees which changed are listed below. 
Application for an active license (requiring USMLE)
Application for an active license by endorsement
Application for an active license by endorsement (requiring SPEX) 
Verification of License
Annual subscription fees for minutes (paper)
Annual subscription fees for minutes (electronic)
$ 90
$ 30

In addition, there were two proposed reductions in pricing;
Annual teaching license application down $75 to $225; and 
Copies of Board minutes (one set) to cost $15 from $25.

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2001 Agency Infrastructure Taking Shape
With the budget cycle for the second half of next year already in view, the Board took a preliminary look at additional staffing and reclassifications in the enforcement, licensing, and regulatory centers, and the new technology needed to transact Board business over the Internet.  Legislative action will finalize the 2001 budget early in 2000.
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Reviewing the Formal Interview Process
With the growing number of Formal Hearing proposed decisions, Formal Interviews and Reconsiderations, the need to streamline and optimize the Formal Interview process led to the formation of a subcommittee. The subcommittee, consisting of Dr. Sattenspiel, Dr. Connell, The Honorable Ms. Jordan, Dr. Megdal, and Ms. Barnes, will study and present recommendations for improving the Formal Interview process to the Board at a future session. One concept under consideration is to expand the use of the Office of Administrative Hearings. 
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The Year in Review
The Board approved the annual report for fiscal year 1999, "Building a Better BOMEX," which reflected on the past year's numerous accomplishments and outlined the next year's evolution of eight target areas. In the year 2000, the Board will explore ways to increase the investigation section's effectiveness, provide new tools and methods to enhance the time the Board spends with policy and governance issues, continue information technology advancements, and enhance BOMEX's community presence. 
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Debra Barnes Reappointed to BOMEX
The Arizona State Board of Nursing has reappointed Debra Barnes, RN, to the Board of Medical Examiners. Ms. Barnes' current term will expire in June 2000. 
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Board Submits Public Comment on Nursing Board Rules
The Board voted to provide public comment to the Nursing Board's proposed rules on nurse anesthetist (CRNA) prescribing. BOMEX's comment seeks clarification of the prescribing authority given to CRNAs to ensure that prescribing only takes place in a perioperative setting.
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Board Actions: A Summary
During its September 21-24 meeting, the Board voted to issue:
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Year 2000 Meeting Dates
The following are the dates for the 2000 meetings:
   February 2 - 4 
   April 12 - 14 
   June 21 - 23
   August 23 - 25
   October 25 - 27 
   December 13 - 15
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Next Full Board Meeting
The next Full Board meeting will take place November 17 - 19, 1999, at the Board of Medical Examiners' Offices: 1651 E. Morten Avenue, Suite 210, Phoenix, Arizona 85020. 

Take 16th Street, one-half mile north of Glendale, immediately across from  The Pointe Resort.

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