Arizona Board Board of Medical Examiners

Highlights from the
August 23-25, 2000 Meeting

Protecting the Public's Health
Arizona Board of Medical Examiners
1651 East Morten Avenue, Suite 210
Phoenix, Arizona 85020   602-255-3751
(Toll Free Within Arizona: 877-255-2212)

Summary of Board Actions

During its August 23-25, 2000 meeting, the Board voted to issue:

Annual Report 1999-2000

The Board approved the FY 1999-2000 Annual Report for release. The report contains summaries and statistics about the Board's most productive and successful fiscal year in more than a decade.

Since the Board began operating under new leadership and a three-year strategic plan in 1998, the agency has undergone a remarkable turnaround resulting in record disciplinary actions being taken (97) and productivity (1,008 cases reviewed). Fifty-seven more disciplinary actions were taken over the previous fiscal year and the Board conducted 113 more formal investigative interviews.

The FY 1999-2000 Annual Report provides important details about regulation of Arizona's physician community. It documents the progress being made at BOMEX and expectations of year three of the Building a Better BOMEX strategic plan.

Strategic Plan 2000-2001

The Board approved the FY 2000-2001 Strategic Plan. The strategic plan provides an agency summary, strategic issues, and internal/external assessments.

New Board Member

Dona Pardo, RN, PhD was appointed to the Board on July 1, 2000 replacing Debra Barnes, RN. Dr. Pardo is the administrator for continuing education at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center.

Legislative Update

A public hearing was held on July 19, 2000 at the BOMEX office to discuss a proposed amendment to Medical Assistant Rule R4-16-303. The amendment would allow medical assistants to administer small volume nebulizers under the direct supervision of a physician or physician assistant. Eighteen individuals attended the public hearing. Overall, the comments were split almost evenly for and against the proposed rulemaking. A completed Notice of Final Rulemaking will be presented to the Board for approval at the next BOMEX Board meeting in October.

Year 2000 Meeting Dates

October 25-27
December 13-15

Next Full Board Meeting

The next Full Board meeting will take place October 25-27, at the Board of Medical Examiners' Office: 9545 E. Doubletree Ranch Road Scottsdale, Arizona 85258-5539

To get to the new office:

From the South- Take Interstate 101 to 90th Street and Pima exit. Take right to Via Linda.
From the North East West - From the intersection of Shea and 90th St., head south on 90th St. to Via Linda.

Take Via Linda east to 95th St. Head south on 95th Street until you reach San Salvador Dr. Turn east on San Salvador Dr. then head south on 95th Way. 95th Way will run into Doubletree Ranch Rd. The office is the north white building at 9545 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd.

An online map is also available.