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Highlights from the
February 6-7, 2002 Meeting

Protecting the Public's Health
Arizona Board of Medical Examiners
9545 E. Doubletree Ranch Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258  480-551-2700
(Toll Free Within Arizona: 877-255-2212)

Summary of Board Actions

During its February 6-7, 2002 meeting, the Board voted to issue 18 disciplinary actions, including:

One Inactive With Cause
One Suspension
One Stayed Suspension with Practice Restriction
Three Practice Restrictions
Eight Letters of Reprimand
Three Probationary Orders
One License Denials

License Renewal Updaten

The Executive Director advised the Board that the MD renewal application was revised for 2002 renewals to comply with new statutory requirements to facilitate the renewal process for physicians. Instructions were simplified and include a checklist. Physicians are now asked to submit a copy of the NPDB report for each malpractice reward, and copies of applicable court documents regarding criminal convictions in addition to a written explanation. The instructions also advise the new fees that were effective January 1, 2002.�.

Performance-Based Incentive Program (PIP)

The Performance-Based Incentive Program (PIP) has been completed and is awaiting final approval from the Governor's Office of Strategic Management, the Joint Legislative Budget Committee and Elliott Hibbs, Director of the Arizona Department of Administration. The program, when in effect, will monetarily reward employees for exceeding strategic performance goals, positive team contributions and participation in innovative projects.

Legislation and Rules Update

HB 2010

Staff informed the Board that BOMEX HB 2010 is successfully moving through the Legislature. The bill proposes changing the name of the Arizona Board of Medical Examiners to the Arizona Medical Board. The bill also proposes amending the Board's authority to enter into a non-disciplinary agreement to limit a physician's practice if the physician is mentally or physically unable to safely engage in all aspects of the practice medicine. HB 2010 allows physicians to dispense medications without a hand written prescription, however, each dispensing physician shall be responsible for informing their patients that prescriptions may be filled by the prescribing doctor or at a pharmacy of their choice..

HB 2043

HB 2043 is also moving through the legislature. If passed, the bill will tighten current statutory language and also require physicians to report malpractice information that is often hard for Board investigators to obtain

Current Rules Status

On February 8, 2002 several Administrative Rules became effective. The rulemaking includes R4-16-101 (Continuing Medical Education) that incorporates recommendations amending the rule to be consistent with current rule writing standards and conforming it to current law. R4-16-103 (Licensure by Endorsement) was amended to conform with Chapter 218, Laws 1999. This rule allows the SPEX exam to be used as a determinant of competence in conjunction with records review, physical and psychological assessments and practice history. A.R.S. � 32-41-1002(A) provides that the rulemaking provisions of the Arizona Administrative Procedures Act (APA) apply to all agencies and proceedings unless expressly exempt. The Board has not obtained a statutory exemption.

Year 2002 Meeting Dates

April 10-12, 2002
June 5-7, 2002
August 7-9, 2002
October 2-4, 2002
December 4-6, 2002

Next Full Board Meeting

The next Full Board meeting will take place February 6-8, 2002 at the Board of Medical Examiners office: 9545 E. Doubletree Ranch Road Scottsdale, Arizona 85258-5539.

From the South- Take Interstate 101 to 90th Street and Pima exit. Take right to Via Linda.

From the North, East or West - From the intersection of Shea and 90th Street, head south on 90th Street to Via Linda.

Take Via Linda east to 95th Street and then head south on 95th Street until you reach San Salvador Drive. Turn east on San Salvador Drive and head south on 95th Way. 95th Way will run into Doubletree Ranch Road. The office is the north white building at 9545 E. Doubletree Ranch Road.

An interactive map is also available.


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