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Complaint Process

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Complaint Process

All complaints received about M.D.s licensed in the state of Arizona, including, for example, those that cite serious quality of care issues, poor behavior by physicians, or excessive fees charged to the patient are thoroughly investigated by the agency. The complaint process is as follows:


The public, hospitals, medical facilities, health care professionals, government agencies, and the Arizona State Board of Medical Examiners (BOMEX) file complaints against Medical Doctors.

Complaint forms may be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to the BOMEX office. Complaint forms contain the following information:

· Complaint form with name & date*
· Full name and address of Physician
· Written narrative describing the complaint
· Available copies of supporting documents, such as medical records
· Full name, address & telephone number of witnesses, if any

* Anonymous complaints are accepted but discouraged because of the difficulty in confirming information and completing the investigation.


  1. After receiving a complaint, the Enforcement Administrator and the Supervising Medical Consultant review it for severity and priority.
  2. The Enforcement Administrator assigns the complaint to an investigator who then calls the complaining party to discuss the case and clarify the complainant's concerns.
  3. The investigator notifies the physician of the complaint and requests a written response. The investigator also subpoenas medical records, interviews the complainant and the physician, obtains witness statements, and gathers other evidence appropriate to the case.
  4. The case is next assigned to a medical consultant, who reviews the medical records, statements from health care personnel involved in the case, and any other medically related information. The consultant then submits a review of the case to the investigator indicating whether the doctor(s) involved met the standard of care for the community for that particular procedure.
  5. If, in the opinion of the medical consultant, the physician did not meet the standard of care, the investigator, medical consultant, Enforcement Administrator, and Supervising Medical Consultant confer and determine a recommended discipline.
  6. The investigator completes a report, including the recommended discipline, and forwards it to the Enforcement Administrator. The Enforcement Administrator determines the investigation is thorough and complete and forwards the report to the Assistant Director, Regulation.
  7. The Assistant Director reviews the report and, if in agreement, forwards it to a Lead Board Member (a member of the Board) for review. If the Lead Board member is satisfied with the investigation and agrees with the recommendation, the case is forwarded to the Executive Director for review.
  8. If the Executive Director agrees that investigation is complete and the recommendation for discipline is appropriate, the case is scheduled for Board action.


  1. The investigator's final report is sent to Board members for review three to four weeks prior to the Board meeting.
  2. The Enforcement Administrator assigns the complaint to an investigator who then calls the complaining party to discuss the case and clarify the complainant's concerns.
  3. If disciplinary action is considered, the physician is invited to a Formal Interview. The investigator presents the information to the Board, then the physician may make a statement about the case to the Board and is asked questions by the Board.
  4. The Board may take a non-disciplinary action, disciplinary action, refer the case to formal hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, or request further investigation.

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