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Who can file a complaint?

Patients, medical facilities, other health care providers, medical malpractice insurers and government agencies may file a complaint. The Arizona Medical Board may also initiate an investigation on its own motion if it becomes aware of possible unprofessional conduct.


How do I file a complaint?

The Arizona Medical Board prefers that complaints be filed in writing so the Board can effectively evaluate each allegation against the physician during the course of the investigation. For your convenience, a complaint form can be downloaded from the website. Fill in as much information as you have regarding the physician’s conduct, including a detailed narrative outlining your complaint in chronological order, dates, names of other health care providers involved, and names and addresses of any witnesses. If you have supporting documentation, such as medical records, billing records or correspondence with the physician, please include a copy. Original documentation will not be returned to you after the investigation.

Mail your complaint to the following address or fax it to (480) 551-2702.

Arizona Medical Board
Attention: Enforcement
9545 East Doubletree Ranch Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258

Can I file a complaint anonymously?

You have the right to file a complaint anonymously, however, it is difficult to sustain an anonymous complaint because the Board cannot contact the complainant to verify the information and it is also difficult to retrieve necessary medical records if a patient name is not provided.

If you would like your identity to remain confidential, you may request that your name be withheld from the complaint. If you request that your name be withheld, the physician under investigation would not know who filed the complaint.


Will the Board investigate every complaint??

The Arizona Medical Board will investigate every case where there is an allegation and supporting evidence that a physician has violated the Medical Practice Act (MPA). The MPA is a law created by the State Legislature to license and regulate Arizona physicians. It is an act of unprofessional conduct to violate the MPA. Please note, that although certain acts, such as rude behavior or a poor bedside manner are not conducive to a good doctor-patient relationship, these acts are not violations of the MPA.

Complaints that do not fall within the Arizona Medical Board’s jurisdiction, such as complaints about other healthcare providers, will be forwarded to the appropriate regulatory agency.


If I have new information on my complaint, can I submit it after an investigation has been opened?

Yes. Any information you can provide is important. You can submit this information directly to the investigator handling your case.


How long will an investigation into my complaint take?

Each case is evaluated on its own merits. Depending on the severity and complexity of a complaint and the amount of information the Board needs to gather, an investigation can take anywhere from a week to a year.


Why are the details of the investigation confidential?

By law, due to the private nature of the patient's medical records and additional information that the Board collects during an investigation, the Board's complaint files and records are confidential.


How will I know the outcome of my complaint?

You will be notified of any Board meetings where your case will be discussed. You have the option of speaking to the Board during its meeting. While you may hear the Board’s decision if you are present at the meeting, you will also be notified in writing of the Board’s decision within two weeks of the meeting.

If the Executive Director dismisses your complaint prior to a Board meeting, a letter explaining the reasons why the case was dismissed will be sent to you. The Executive Director can dismiss a complaint if, with the concurrence of the investigative staff, the review shows the complaint is without merit and dismissal is appropriate.


Can I appeal the outcome of my complaint?

If the Board hears your case and decides the outcome, you cannot appeal its decision.

However, if the Executive Director dismisses your case, you have the right to appeal the Executive Director’s action, according to R4-16-410. The appeal must be filed within 35 days and shall provide evidence that:

  • An irregularity in the investigative process or the executive director’s review deprived the party of a fair decision; or
  • Misconduct by Board staff, a Board consultant, or the executive director deprived the party of a fair decision; or
  • Material evidence newly discovered that could have a bearing on the decision and that, with reasonable diligence, could not have been discovered and produced earlier.

The fact that you do not agree with the final decision is not grounds for a review by the Board.

For more information on the Arizona Medical Board’s adjudication process, see the Adjudication Process Pamphlet “A 3-Stage Guide: From Complaint to Outcome” on the Board’s website.

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