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How can I obtain copies of my medical records?

Your physician can provide copies of your medical records upon written request. Medical records are the physician’s property and the physician has the right to keep the original.


What is considered to be part of a medical record?

Medical Medical records are defined as all communications that are recorded in any form or medium and that are maintained for the purposes of patient treatment, including reports, notes and orders, test results, diagnoses, treatments, photographs, videotapes, X rays, billing records and the results of independent medical examinations that describe patient care. Medical records include psychological records and all medical records held by a health care provider, including medical records that are prepared by other providers.


Are there any medical records my physician can withhold from me?

Yes. If your physician determines that your access to the medical record is contraindicated due to treatment for a mental disorder.


When I request my medical records, how soon does my physician have to provide them?

There is no law stating how soon a physician has to provide the medical records. If you believe that an unreasonable amount of time has passed, you may file a complaint with the Board.

Can a physician charge me for my medical records?

That depends. There is no charge for medical records if you are requesting medical records for the demonstrated purpose of obtaining health care or if you request your physician to transfer your records to another treating physician.

Otherwise, your physician has the right to charge a reasonable fee for copies of your records. Reasonable fee is not defined in law.


Can a physician release my medical records to other people without my permission?

There are a limited number of people to whom a physician can release your medical records. Any past, present or future healthcare provider may have access to pertinent portions of your medical records as they relate to services they have provided or will be providing. Some other entities that may have access to your medical records are the Arizona Medical Board, ambulance attendants, insurance companies, medical credentialing companies, and family members of the deceased.


How long does my physician have to keep my medical records?

If the patient is an adult, Arizona laws require that medical records be kept for at least seven years after the last data of treatment. If the patient is a child, medical records must be kept for at least seven years after the last date of treatment or for three years after the child’s eighteenth birthday, whichever is longer.


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